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2-27 MAY 2022

World’s First Impact Specialist Program

By University of Chicago & Aspire Impact


5 Days Delhi-NCR

8 Hours Everyday

INR 75,000 (Stay Included)

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Embed impact in vision, mission & values to ensure net positive impact at all levels.


  1. MISSION & IMPACT DESIGN: Design Lock-In for company’s impact vision, mission and values. Identify Impact Target Groups & Complete Needs Assessment. Finalize SDG impact.
  2. BUSINESS SYSTEMS DESIGN: Redesign Business Systems along the 4Ps of Impact – Product, People, Profit & Planet. Ensure Net-positive Impact at all levels.
  3. PRODUCT & REVENUE GROWTH DESIGN: Design path from Responsible to Sustainable to Impact; Choose Organic vs. M&A, in-house vs. partner-led, and, Core vs Subsidiaries.
  4. PEOPLE & LEADERSHIP DESIGN: Design an organization structure to execute on Impact. Linking performance bonuses & ESOPs to Impact.
  5. PLANET & SUSTAINABILITY DESIGN: Overarching Policies and Frameworks for executing on Planet Impact


Build systems to measure & manage impact across the value chain.


  1. BUILD IMPACT R&D CAPABILITY Behavioral Economic Assessments, RCTs,  Geographic, Gender & Community considerations, SDG Alignment, Innovation
  2. BUILD AN IMPACT SUPPLY CHAIN: Social & Environment Footprint, Energy Management, Sustainable Procurement
  3. BUILD CONSUMER IMPACT: Access & Affordability for underserved; purpose for privileged customers
  4. BUILD BUSINESS ETHICS & IMPACT INTEGRITY: Impact Language & Training, Role of Ethics & Values, Highlight Impact Washing Risks
  5. BUILD SYSTEMS TO MEASURE & MANAGE IMPACT: Impact Measurement & Management. Role of IMP & UNDP. Principles from IFC, PRI, etc. Alignment with SDGs


Scale impact and understand impact risks & outcome for design interventions.


  1. IMPACT ASSESSMENT & VALUATION ALONG 4Ps OF IMPACT: Managing Net Positive Impact along 4Ps
  2. SCALE IMPACT RISK MANAGEMENT: Nine Impact Risks; Risk Type vs. Risk Level;  Consequences vs. Likelihood; Source Identification; Interventions; New SOPS
  3. SCALE IMPACT FINANCING: New instruments, e.g., Outcome financing; Marketplace for Impact Funds, Role of Banks. Long-term impact capital mix
  4. SCALE RISK-RETURN-IMPACT OPTIMIZATION: Product Pricing, Tolerance Limits, Protection for Consumers, Investors & the Vulnerable, Impact Efficient Frontier
  5. SCALE IMPACT MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS: Press & Government Relations. Media Strategy


Manage impact assessment, impact reporting, impact market Capitalization & Impact governance with an eye on the future.


  1. IMPACT REPORTING: Need for &  Developments in Impact Reporting
  2. IMPACT WEIGHTED FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS: Qualitative & Quantitative (Impact Data Collection & Recording); GAIP; HBS research from IWAI
  3. PREPARING FOR AN ERA OF IMPACT ACCOUNTING: Designing business for Impact EPS comparison vis-à-vis sector. How to benchmark?
  4. INSTITUTE IMPACT GOVERNANCE: Role of Board & Committees. Auditing, Disclosure & Compliance; ESG; CSR, Philanthropy & Investments
  5. CREATE AN IMPACT FUTURE: Envision 10-year Impact Maximization Plans, Role of Different Stakeholder Groups, Media & Communications

The most exclusive certification to get ahead in the Impact Revolution

4 Weeks

In Person Program


5 Days

40 Hours

20 Sessions


Impact Capitalism is Here!


75% of Fortune 500 & 81% of S&P 500 companies are engaged in some form of Sustainability or ESG Reporting.


There are 3,242 certified B-Corps companies in 150 industries across 71 countries that balance purpose with profit.


Companies such as Tesla and HP have started producing full impact reports.


The Chief Impact Officer (CIO) role has started to emerge with companies such as HP, Salesforce, Twilio, Weber Shandwick, and Revolution Foods leading the way.


66% of global consumers and 73% millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable products.


The program prepares you for the imminent shift from ESG & Sustainability to Impact Capitalism and addresses the growing demand for leaders to be a part of the Impact Revolution.

Impact Specialist Program

Get Ahead In the Impact Revolution

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Impact Specialist Program